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Since it is becoming increasingly difficult to get visas to the USA we must institute the following rules for all groups other than official national teams who will require a visa in order to attend the US World Open.


1. You must submit a Letter of Intention to participate (via email or post) and request an official invitation. The letter must include a list of names of all prospective participants traveling to the event, along with their birth dates, ages and passport numbers. You must also submit the visa issuing U.S. Embassy's contact information. We will then provide you with ONE free of charge standard official invitation via email, that can be used to apply for a visa. For any alteration to the original letter such as adding participants or if you need a hard copy of the invitation mailed to you there is a flat fee of $50.00 to do so.


2. If you need assistance with your visas all competitors, coaches, etc. must pre-register and pre-pay for the event before we can assist with the visa process.  Assistance includes any special documentation provided by us to make your visa request stronger.  However we cannot make any guarantees regarding visa issuance as this is entirely up to the issuing officers at the embassy.  As such no refunds will be given.  If you have prepaid for an event and were unable to get a visa, we will credit the fee for any future event sponsored by us that you might be attending.


The visa process must be started no later than 60 days before event and all information and requirements must be received by then. Any time beyond this date and we will NOT be in the position to guarantee assistance with your visa.  International Federations needing specific visa invitations may contact Rick Shin, Tournament Director, at for assistance.


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