2021 us world open POSTER.jpg

Dear Taekwondo Families & Friends,


This is a landmark event, as we will be celebrating the World Virtual Taekwondo Festival Championships from April 3 - 11, 2021 organized by US World Class Taekwondo Association & GCS Portland, USA Chapter.

The World Virtual Taekwondo Festival Championships is charity event to support the less privileged during this time of darkness.  With support of all Taekwondo families, we promise to bring you the finest and most memorable championships. This championship will draw Taekwondo participants from all over the world as we fight for COVID-19 pandemic.

US World Open Taekwondo Championships is an excellent opportunity for all Taekwondo practitioners to meet with Taekwondo members from all over the world, share the view of Taekwondo movement, and create an opportunity for networking, collaboration, sharing of Taekwondo information and the building of trust relationships internationally.

I wish every participant a great success through this Taekwondo event and look forward seeing you in many years to come!

Rick W. Shin

Tournament Chairman

Secretary General
World Taekwondo Pan America / Pan Am Taekwondo Union