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U.S. World Open Taekwondo Championships
The 1st U.S. World Open Taekwondo Championships (formerly known as US National Open) was organized by U.S. West Coast Taekwondo Association in 1989 at Marshall High School in Portland, Oregon USA by Chief Grand Master Jay K. Shin.

The first championship had 120 competitors and now grew to over 1000+ competitor championships.  In 2013, we have renamed the event to US World Open Taekwondo Championships from US National Open Taekwondo Championships.  Since 2013, we have implemented World Taekwondo International Referees, Pan Am Taekwondo Union International Referees & USA Taekwondo Referees to our event.  All Black Belts will be judged by the World Taekwondo International Referees.


In 2018,  the organizer included Para divisions to include Para athletes in the event.  

In 2020, tournament organizer launched the very first in the world Live online Taekwondo fundraising championships during the midst of Covid pandemic.

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2019 USWO Cover.png
Association Seminar October 27, 2018
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